THE OSCAR ONE SERIES is the first all in one product on the market. It combines vision and processing unit in one. Directly connected to your boat’s bus system, you can enjoy the functionalities and peace of mind in a revolutionary design. 

All in one

By combining vision unit and processing unit, the installation of OSCAR is as simple as it gets. With its new design we could save in the overall weight and in energy consumption which will make it even more interesting for sailors.


For the first time, OSCAR’s eyes and OSCAR’s brain have been combined in one single unit. This single unit constantly scans the surroundings ahead of the boat and provides real-time analysis of floating objects from thermal video flux.

Weight : 990g | Dimensions : 190 x 143 x 106mm


OSCAR can be seamlessly integrated into your multifunction display (MFD) without losing sight of your boat data. Your MFD will give you acoustic alert and you will have the same funcitonality as you do on the OSCAR APP.


OSCAR navigation APP
can be easily installed on tablets or on-board
computers and displays floating objects along the
route according to the navigation modes selected.

I’m delighted with OSCAR. It gives me peace of mind when I’m sailing, especially at night. (Thanks to its application) OSCAR enables you to keep
one eye on the bow of the boat, even when you’re preparing some soup or a coffee below deck. I use it all the time!

Stève Ravussin

Lagoon 77' Thunderbolt

oscar ONE 320

Combining vision and processing unit in one system.

MFD: Multifunction Display Integration*
Thermal Cameras / Resolution: 2 / 320 x 256 px
RGB Camera / Resolution: 1 / 1920 x 1080 px
Field of Vision: RGB 120°, Thermal 50°
Weight Mast Module: 990 g
Dimensions: 190 x 142 x 106 mm
Object Thermal Detection: 1 m² – 75m**
Thermal Detection Limit at 600 m: 8 m object**
Power Supply: 12 / 24 V DC
Power Consumption: 16 W
Mast Fixation: Vertical adjustable bracket ±15 ° / 150 g
Shock Resistance / IP Code: 9 G / IP67

* Available on selected MFD’s
** Detection rates might decrease in poor visibility.


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